08 Dec

Mutefish CDs are available on Irish Digital Download!

We are thrilled to be able to offer two albums by Mutefish as part of our growing catalogue of Irish music.

This is very exciting for us as one of the main reasons Irish Digital Download exists is to allow everybody, no matter where they are, to get their hands on quality Irish video, audio and eBooks.

Adding such an exciting band as Mutefish to our collection has all of us at Irish Digital Download out dancing in the streets.

Those of you who are already familiar with this culturally diverse six piece band will understand why.

Their brand of progressive techno folk has had feet tapping and bodies swaying up and down the country. Their interpretation of traditional music not only appeals to the locals but if you read reports on the various social media sites you can see that their music captures the imagination of music lovers from many countries. Many tourists and visitors to Ireland have returned home with a Mutefish CD as their prize souvenir. And who can blame them?

One of the surprising things about Mutefish is that not all the band members are Irish!  Their official website mutefish.ie tells us that Mutefish are Bo (Poland) guitar/mandolin, Marka (Lithuania) cajon/guitar, Daithi (Ireland) flute/tin whistle,  Tomas (Lithuania) bass, Peter (Ukraine) percusions/melodica and Philip (Ireland) drums. Not surprising that Medha Singh wrote that

On Draught is one of the most creative efforts to have come out this year. This band is, quite literally, a melting pot, incorporating various European folk styles with a bunch of choice and unusual instruments adding to the richness of the sound, its feel and texture.

You can read the rest of this review here http://www.rsjonline.com/reviews/mutefish-on-draught.html and you can check out their upcoming gigs at http://www.mutefish.ie/gigs.php

OK, that’s enough writing, enough reading – time to see and hear them in action…

Here they are in Temple Bar, Dublin playing De La Ferme from their album On Draught

Do you want to see and hear more?

Take a look at more videos here http://www.mutefish.ie/videos.php or search YouTube for “Mutefish”. You won’t be disappointed.

Irish Digital Download is proud to be able to offer both On Draught and 360 Hangovers to a global audience.

Traditional music, perhaps, progressive techno folk, definitely.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to embrace Mutefish.